McDonnell F-4E(F) Phantom II

Last revised December 28, 1999

The F-4E(F) (company designation Model 98MZ) was a proposal for a stripped, low cost, single-seat Phantom intended for the West German Luftwaffe. It was derived from the F-4E and differed by having the rear cockpit faired over and simplified avionics fitted. It had no AIM-7 Sparrow capability. It had modified slats, but was otherwise externally quite similar to the stock F-4E.

Initially, the West German government intended to purchase the F-4E(F) for its interceptor squadrons. However, before any F-4E(F) aircraft could be built, the West German government changed its mind and opted for a more straightforward two-seat adaptation of the F-4E Phantom, the F-4F. No F-4E(F) aircraft were ever built.


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